Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 moves that will make her love u in the bedroom

Your Technique is what counts
Now there are guys out there who may have a minor difficulties in the bedroom. Some of you may not have the size, some of you may not have the stamina because us ladies can really go at it if you are willing to take us there and some of you just may not have the skills required to please us. Well today all of that is going to change for you.
I have a solution to any problem that you may come across in the bedroom when it concerns pleasing your lady. I am going to give you some golden keys(techniques) to please your lady anytime,anywhere. Here are 5 things you can do that will always work. I have shortened them a bit but you can get them in The Best of the Best Sex Techniques or just go to to see everything that is available.
My top 5 things that I love for a man to do:
Seduce Me: Seduction is the one of the greatest party starters in my book. This is the one that gets me hot and heavy and ready for action. It is comprised of being confident, a great kisser, whispering and rubbing on my thighs at the right times. A true winner!
Don't ask! : Just do it, give me that look like you want me and go for it. Confidence, Confidence and more confidence is a true aphrodisiac Just do it!
Use your tongue and use it well! : Now if you have no idea how to do this then I have a book on the best ways to bring your lady to the mountain top and make her explode with with joy. Remember to check You can never go wrong here if you know what you are doing.
All Eyes On Me: Give me all the attention and then give me some more. If we are in the bedroom and you are about to get the goods then nothing on your iphone or blackberry or the television should not be of any concern.
Finallly, Yes I like to be held when its all over, This is the one that seals the deal for me and brings me closer to you emotionally.
Now of course there is more information in my books to teach you what to do to make her scream and give you whatever you desire in the bedroom. Now that you have this info the rest is up to you. Have great sex!!!!

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