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5 Things a guy should use in the bedroom

Ok just a little of what I do. I have laid out 5 things guys should have in order to be awesome in the bedroom. Now I am sure some of you reading this may say that you already know this information but the world is a big place and there are guys out there who don't have a clue. Trust me on this one. Here are the 5 things:
1. Confidence-Men in the bedroom you should have the utmost confidence in your skills. Even if you know nothing and have been laid in 7 years, you need to come in the room with it hard as rock in your hand and the confidence of a champion. Now, you may not left from right but I can guarantee you this that if you do just what I said we will jump to attention quick and do exactly what you tell us to do. Which leads me to the next thing……
2. The Eyes have it-Use your eyes in the bedroom guys. It works on us whether you know it or not. We love to feel like the sexiest woman on the planet and a good look in the eyes lets us know that right here, right now we are. So use your eyes to turn us on and make us feel sexy.
3. Attention-Pay very close attention to everything on our bodies and listen also. Watch our breast they tell you how hot we are, when you are licking that part of our body slow feel how hard it is, it’s telling you we are almost there ready to blow. Feel that warm wetness when you slide in and out of a woman, she is letting you know how bad she wants you and how you turn her on. Pay attention to her breathing and her eyes. When those eyes start closing she is ready to explode. That means GO HARDER! So make sure you pay close attention to us ladies.
4. Be spontaneous-Don’t be afraid to just take it sometimes. It makes things a little bit more exciting and keeps the sex lively. No woman wants to have sex in the same place, the same way and the same time. Routine sex sucks!!! So do something different.
5. It all starts upstairs-You must know how to talk to a woman to get the best out of her. This is really important because we process everything so make sure you know how to talk our panties off.
These are just a few things that you can add to your bag of tricks to make the ladies go crazy for you. Have fun and use them wisely. Make sure you check out my website!

The guy with the big one

Now there is a myth out there that the guy with the big is always great in the sack. Well I am here to tell ya! That is or may be the craziest myth on the earth if not in the known universe. Hahahaha. In the little time I have been alive on this planet I have had an experience or two with a guy that has had the big one. So let me you tell you how this went do:
This guy had no idea what he was doing. I love a good kiss here and there on my body but I had to let him know try not to be so sloppy. Damn! Did anyone write the rules on tongue etiquette yet? So that was mistake one.
Ok so as I guide him down the road to heaven, this guy is still acting nervous. No problem I give him a little head to calm him down and help him relax. Now, I must say, when the great man above was placing parts of the human body he must have been really happy that day because this guy was really packing. It had to be a good 10inches, real porno size.
Now, I have the guy relaxed and I am very hot and ready to go at it. I can feel my heart racing with anticipation of the guy really knocking this one out the park. I mean hit a Albert Pulous home for me baby, that’s what I’m thinking.
I lay down and get ready for the BIG ONE, I’m waiting and waiting and waiting, now these minutes seem like hours when you are ready to make something happen. I look at this guy and he’s about as hard a down comforter. He has no idea what to do, he standing there all embarrassed with this long pole and fumbling around trying to get it in.
Back to work again for this guy because now I am feeling some kind of way and need a true release. So the hands go to work making this guy stiff again. Now I am excited and ready, yeah, yeah, yeah let’s go! Get in there baby, my brain is racing. And just like those old Tootsie roll pop commercials on how to get to the center of a tootsie pop it went like this ”ah one stroke he moaned, ah two stroke he moaned louder and ah three he OH GOD!” Me and it was over just like that, needless to say I had a trusting friend that never stops unless the batteries go dead so he scratched my itch that night.
So to all the fellas out I wrote a book for you to get your skills right. You can find it at my site Http:// so this will never happen to you. If you are big or small.

Great Oral Technique!

Tongue and Cheek
Now that you find yourself with head between her legs my suggestion would be to start slow. Take a nice long slow lick from the bottom to the top and stop there. By now she should be soaking wet and with each move you should hear a loud moan. Stop at the top and suck her clit into your mouth. Not too hard and not soft it should be just right. Feel free to make some noise with it we like that too. Now that you are sucking on the clit start rolling it against your tongue, some women like side to side while others prefer up and down you have to know you lady and what works for her. Start working that clit with your tongue then let it go. Take two fingers and spread her pussy lips open and kiss that clit again start stroking it again with that tongue and working your magic mouth all over and around that pussy which should drive her crazy if you are doing things correctly.
Now while she is enjoying herself take her over the top. Allow her to hold her legs while you ever so gently suck, lick and dine on all that wet pussy. Take one finger and slide it in her slowly. BE GENTLE!
This is the move that she will love. While you are sucking and licking on her keep working that magic finger in and out. Don’t rush; let her do all the work. Her body will tell you when she is ready to have an orgasm because she will start moving her hips and the moaning will get louder. Just be consistent and keep working that clit with your tongue over and over and over again! Until OOOOOhhhhhhh! Then you know you got her. She will be very pleased. Trust me.

Only for Fans of oral pleasure

For fans of oral pleasure.
Ok guys this article is just for the guys who happen to be crazy about oral pleasure. So I am going to let you in on a few secrets some of you may or may not know. Most women love giving our guy head and making him explode with joy when we are done. We love the control that comes along with it.
As in everything there are the exceptions to the rule of women who should have been born in the 1950's that will never attempt to give their man the oral pleasure he deserves. I have no idea how you guys deal with them.
Knowing that you love when we slide the tip of you in our mouths slowly and looking you eye to eye, when we do this it keeps us nice,wet and ready for action. I love it when my guy makes that first initial moan when I am working my special powers on him. Sometimes I am a bit crazy with it, I have a real pleasure and pain thing going on so while I am giving him a tongue lashing I am spanking him with each stroke. For some reason he loves it when I do this and it definitely get the explosive results that I am looking for. Then I get the real prize of making him go nuts while his body gives in to me and I keep going on and on and on taking him to a new place.
From time to time you should have your lady vary the action and make things a bit more interesting. I mean use some things like syrup, warm tea, ice cubes,pineapple rings then eat them off of you,on your knees, standing up, while your watching the game, giving you the remote when shes done and anything else you can think of.
I am true champion of giving oral pleasure and recieving great pleasure from it. Now guys be sure to definitely give back what you recieve it makes thing feel much better when that takes place. Remember give her what she wants and all your dreams will come true in the bedroom.
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What do you really want in the bedroom?

I write and talk a lot about sex in my books at but one of the questions that has been on my mind lately is what do guys really want in the bedroom. I mean I know how to make you guys happy physically in the bedroom but what things would truly bring you bliss.
I mean the sun rays shining down on you and the music playing in the background sexual bliss. So guys fill me and tell me something that i do not know.
I would love to add your info to my next book.
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5 moves that will make her love u in the bedroom

Your Technique is what counts
Now there are guys out there who may have a minor difficulties in the bedroom. Some of you may not have the size, some of you may not have the stamina because us ladies can really go at it if you are willing to take us there and some of you just may not have the skills required to please us. Well today all of that is going to change for you.
I have a solution to any problem that you may come across in the bedroom when it concerns pleasing your lady. I am going to give you some golden keys(techniques) to please your lady anytime,anywhere. Here are 5 things you can do that will always work. I have shortened them a bit but you can get them in The Best of the Best Sex Techniques or just go to to see everything that is available.
My top 5 things that I love for a man to do:
Seduce Me: Seduction is the one of the greatest party starters in my book. This is the one that gets me hot and heavy and ready for action. It is comprised of being confident, a great kisser, whispering and rubbing on my thighs at the right times. A true winner!
Don't ask! : Just do it, give me that look like you want me and go for it. Confidence, Confidence and more confidence is a true aphrodisiac Just do it!
Use your tongue and use it well! : Now if you have no idea how to do this then I have a book on the best ways to bring your lady to the mountain top and make her explode with with joy. Remember to check You can never go wrong here if you know what you are doing.
All Eyes On Me: Give me all the attention and then give me some more. If we are in the bedroom and you are about to get the goods then nothing on your iphone or blackberry or the television should not be of any concern.
Finallly, Yes I like to be held when its all over, This is the one that seals the deal for me and brings me closer to you emotionally.
Now of course there is more information in my books to teach you what to do to make her scream and give you whatever you desire in the bedroom. Now that you have this info the rest is up to you. Have great sex!!!!

5 reasons why sex is good

Here are just a few facts on sex that I think you should know. You should check them out and see if theyare true for you.
It is a good workout. Sex burns about 150 calories every half an hour of it. It will lower your cholesterol and improve breathing circulation.
You won’t get sick. According to research if you have sex 1-2 times a week you are less likely to get sick. You’ll feel happier.
You will feel a greater sense of well-being. Women who have more sex were clinically proven to be less depressed than women who dont have sex. Makes you look better- [ problem is ugly people don't get any ].
Sex releases hormones in your body which make your skin and hair softer and shinier and tone your physic. (The best reason) You will live longer. Studies prove that sex makes you live longer. Men who had sex 1-2 times a week had half the death rate as those who did not indulge themselves at least once a month.
It also makes you look younger. If you have sex 3 times a week you may look up to 10 years younger than you really are.
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The Best of the Best Sex Techniques

Ladies love to comfort, stability and consistency with that in mind a great kiss always works for us. It allows us to put down our guard (which we have up most the time) and just relax. That is exactly where you want us relaxed. Now that you have us at this point a nice foot massage will never go wrong. It will always get you kudos plus it’s a good way to work up the legs and head to the thighs. I can guarantee if you get this far your lady will be very moist at this point. Feel free to kiss her some more and let her know that you love her and at this moment the panties will get soaked. Start undressing and caressing your lady and make sure your hands are all over her body. Squeeze her ass, caress her breast and then begin with the tongue action. Suck on her breast, nipples (a soft bite never hurt) and work your way down her body.
Here is a KEY: Always watch a woman’s breathing and nipples. If she is breathing hard and her nipples are hard she is enjoying herself.
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Your Orgasms Lack Passion

The secret is out! Last longer in bed, take a pill and increase your size, use this cream and go all night and whatever else on and offline marketers can think of. The one thing all of these easy quick bake solutions lack is passion. Passion is the real key in establishing a connection with a woman. With all the 5 to 10 step guides on how to make woman reach her complete orgasm there are no more mysteries when it comes to sex.
Personally, I think the real issue there is execution. Guys can read this stuff all day and still never deliver the goods. But if you have a passion for what you are doing, if your hands know how to travel all over her body, if you are a great kisser and if you learn the art of making a woman feel like the sexiest woman alive then you have a great chance of making that connection which will bring about one of the greatest orgasms a woman can experience.
Passion is defined as intense or overpowering emotion such as love, joy, hate and anger, Intense enthusiasm. Now guys if you start here and you apply this to the things you do in the bedroom I guarantee that your sex life will increase by 100. You lady will feel completely satisfied and you will never have to question her loyalty because she will be overwhelmed with your love making skills.
So bring passion and romance back to your love life and get ready for breakfast in bed and much much more from the one you love or simply adore.
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I write sex books

I thought that would get your attention. Yes I do write books on sex, well better sex that is. I primariy write them for men and tell them exactly how to be better at what they do in the bedroom and how to have better technique in pleasing women.
My reason for doing this was very simple, I got tired of listening to my girls tell me stories of how the guys they were with were terrible in bed. So I figured if I wrote a step by step instruction of what to please them that the guys would use it and make my girls happy.
Guess what, It worked!!! They did use them. The Best of the Best sex techniques was my best seller. It worked wonders for the guys and gave my girls an incredible sex life.
Needless to say I am very happy but for now I am going to share with my viewers or readers the wonderful world of my wonderfully sordid and incredibly funny sex life over the years. I figure I have been through enough experiences to share with every one so keep watchin and check out my books when you get a chance. I know you will love them