Saturday, October 30, 2010

Basic at eating a girl out

The Basic way to eating a girl out
Now some you guys know absolutely what you are doing but for the guys who viewed one too many porno flicks this one is for you. The basic way to eating a girl out entails that you take your time and be gentle; we know you’re a guy and you want to gulp down everything but it doesn’t work that way. Taking your time and doing things the right way is how you get the task done and have us thinking about you at work and coming back for more day in and day out. And the greater bonus is if you do your job good you can have us obsessed for a very long time.
Now each woman is distinctive so this is not a one skill fits for all women thing. You have to change your actions dependent on who you are with but I will tell you this, if you roll your tongue side to side on our C button and then suck it in slow and deep….Wellllll.WHEW! That’s a good thing all day everyday and I don’t think there is a woman on the planet who can withstand that.
Ok, now look you want to start working your way up the inner thighs with nice kisses and licks and try not to be too amateurish with it, we don’t like that, I shouldn’t have saliva running down my knee cap before you even get to the gushy middle. Working your way up the thighs nice and slow, finally when you reach the gushy just take it all in with one gulp, nice and warm while you go from the bottom to the top while taking your time and enabling me to sense every movement.
Now that you are at the top stay there a while! Locate the C button with your mouth and get to work, I would suggest switching your motion from time to time unless we tell you otherwise because if you are hitting the right spot then we want you right there so you can make Niagara Falls happen. While you doing your thing down below make sure you pay attention to our breathing and what we are saying. If you listen we will let you know if you are doing good job or not. Trust me if I am snoring while you are down below then you suck at your job and need extensive improvements.
So, now you are working the top of the mountain(C button) and your listening for the indication that you are doing a great job and everything is going just the way you designed it. Now it’s time to bring it home daddy! The breathing is getting heavier and now the legs are starting to shake and explosion is imminent, follow the guidelines she is giving you, stay in the position that is getting the most response and work it until an flooding of passion takes over and she can’t control herself any longer. For this action you will be greatly repaid for your initiative. Trust me.
Of course you can vary a few things depending you her taste but these are the basic, do this and you will always have great seks,LOL.

Friday, October 29, 2010

3 skills that will lead her to your bedroom

If you are browsing to get the woman if your desires in bed then there are 3 elements that you must learn and they are very basic.
You must know
1. How to talk to a woman
2. How to seduce a woman
3. How to make her happy
If you are great at these three procedures then the other areas is very easy. The real question is once you get her in the bedroom do you have the know-how necessary to adequately complete her. If you are young or you just don’t have the knowledge then you have no reason to worry any longer.
All you have to do is go to and they show you want to do when it comes to pleasing a woman in and out of the bedroom.
They show you the strategies that make it very easy to turn into a master at sex( seks for my friends in India) in the bedroom and leave the woman that you are sharing your experience with wanting more and more.
They show you how to
• Give the most intense orgasms(orgasims to my friends in India)
• Give great oral
• Bring out the really freaky side of your lady
• Go longer in the bedroom
• And that’s just the beginning…..
For more go check out the website and sign up. You will not be disappointed at the information you get for free.
So if you are a gentleman and you want to learn how to be finer at sex (seks for my people in India) in and out of the bedroom, or you want to really impress your lady and blow her mind, or you just want to have great sex with your wife or girlfriend or finally you just want to be the man in the bedroom then you really need to go check out right now. Don’t hesitate any longer, you should do it now.
If you like this and want more on how to be the best in the bedroom then go to and get free info to get you started on the way to becoming a master in the skills of lovemaking.

10 skills you need in bed

Unfortunately, many women can go years without having an orgasim from their partner, and we all know how tough it is to fulfill a woman.

Here are some tips to improve the odds she'll reach climax, including the true secret to multiple orgasms:

1. Don't start in the bedroom - Want to increase the odds she'll orgasm? When was the last time you astonished her with flowers and sent them to her at work? Do this and you can bet-your life you'll be doing more than just eating dinner when she walks in the door! :)

2. Relax her - It's hard for women to orgasm if they are anxious. Give her a quick back massage.
Rub her shoulders, upper back and neck to melt away the strain.

3. Ignore the vagina - Do you know that extented foreplay actually increases the oddsof her coming? That's right. By kissing, caressing and touching her LONGER, you'll build the sexual strain and often the anticipation will be very powerful.

4. Change your focus - If you focus all your thoughts on the woman first, you'll make love to her much more impressively. Think about it! If you've finished first and decide to help her come, you won't have the eagerness and passion that's needed to keep her hot and turned on.

5. Tip to last longer - Of course the first step to help her reach orgasm is by not coming. The best way I've found to not come is: Penetrate as regular and when you feel like you're about to come, simply move your hips in a round motion (like swaying a hula hoop) and wait until the "little guys" subside again. Now persist pleasuring. :D

6. Don't use lubricants - Women have a natural lubricant that fills the vagina when they're turned on. By using a product alternative, you're only fooling yourself. Without products, you'll instantly know if things are working; but with them, you can never be sure.

7. Never too much clitoris - Did you know that once you've stirred the clitoris for some time, a little thing called the clitoral hood will actually come out and cover the clitoris to protect it from further direct stimulation? (The point is, once the clitoris is fully stimulated, make sure you pleasure the G-spot next, whether it be with your hand, tongue or penis.

8. Find and stimulate the G spot - The G-spot is a zone that feels like the roof of your mouth and is based about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside. (On the underside of her stomach.) There are two basic ways you can pleasure the G. With your fingers by doing a "come here" motion or with a love position that helps hit the G-spot…

9. Use the best position - Not all love positions are made equal. The best one for women is the reverse missionary (woman on top). This is probably the easiest position for a woman to climax because she can control the friction to her clitoris and/or G-spot.

10. Give her oral sex ­ The single best way to help a woman reach orgasm, even multiple orgasms, is by going down on her (cunnilingus). Oral sex is easier and much more satisfying for women than intercourse is.

However be VERY careful! With over 6,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, make sure you know everything there is to know before poking your tongue around there, otherwise it could be really painful and, even worse, spoil the mood.

Just ranting

Ok with the holidays fast approaching how many new fake terror plots are we going to have. I am sure getting tired of them now. Hey is it me or does Hallie looked like a whipped women, have you seen her with another guy? I think my girl is either a hoe or has whorrish tendencies and don’t gimme that crap about she can see who she wants. She has a child now and jumping from guy to guy doesn’t cut it any longer.
Hey fellas this rant is for you, I have been watching my fair share of porn lately for some reason or the other and I am having trouble understand why some of the guys are having trouble with eating a girl out. WHAT’S THE DEAL! These ladies are giving these guys all this great oral sex and the guys are not returning the favor like they should. I wonder what’s going on there?
Finally my Halloween costume is HOT HOT HOT! I am going as a sexy lady cop this year so if there are any bad boy who need to be interviewed I’m ya girl!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seks, money and sperma

Now, I am completely about an journey but what I am just about to share with you is in all probability, no, it is the wildest thing I have ever experienced online.
Just a little intro, I am Kim and I have a number of websites out there and a large number of what I do centers in and around sex or in the case of this article seks(you’ll understand later in the story). I am a very interesting or so I have been declared on many occasions. I have no downside with men at all and have an incredible sex(seks) life.
So, one day I accept a email from my Blog, this guy from out of the country would like to spend the night with me and is willing to pay. This not the first time I have been proposed money for sex and while I think it’s a bit ungracious I understand why guys do what they do.
Now just for kicks I played along to see what the offer was, well this guy offers me in the five figures but with one specification that I make sure that I (in his words) “sux the sperma out his dix”. LOL and I mean a huge one LOL.
I haven’t laughed that hard since my sister fell down the step while she was impersonating Beyonce(I wish I had the video). Anyway, so I ask the guy “how will I get paid and what country is he from?” The guy is from Russia and is in Texas on business, oil business to be exact. Well now I want a little proof, he gives me a name and of course I Google it and boom there he is.
Of course I still don’t believe it so I accumulate what info I can and begin to question him and he supplies all the right answers, it’s really the guy.
Russian oil guy in town for 2 nights in Texas and he wants to give me 5 figures to sleep with him and sux the sperma. Hmmm, I could absolutely use the 5 figures he’s offering so I advise a negotiation if he can pay me 2,500 up front brought in cash then we have a deal. I sent out the email to him and got a reply in less than 3 minutes asking for an address. HOLY S*#T! This guy is serious serious, the money and flowers showed at a 7 Eleven(of course I didn’t give my address) in 30 minutes.
Ok I am obligated to go through with it now, right? Well, I have to tell you the truth, for the rest of that money, I DID IT!!! To top it off I did so good he threw a few things extra, I had legs twittery and him all balled up in the fetal position when it was all over. I see it this way, for 5 figures, no questions asked and I get to get myself off in the process why not?! I have sex for free most of the time anyway so why not get what I want out of it.
He got the sprema cure he wanted and the chocolate balls therapy and a few other treatments he didn’t see coming. Now, this was surely a onetime thing but if someone makes you the offer of 5 five figures for seks(sex) don’t rule it out.

Ok I was just playing. LOL