Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Best of the Best Sex Techniques

Ladies love to comfort, stability and consistency with that in mind a great kiss always works for us. It allows us to put down our guard (which we have up most the time) and just relax. That is exactly where you want us relaxed. Now that you have us at this point a nice foot massage will never go wrong. It will always get you kudos plus it’s a good way to work up the legs and head to the thighs. I can guarantee if you get this far your lady will be very moist at this point. Feel free to kiss her some more and let her know that you love her and at this moment the panties will get soaked. Start undressing and caressing your lady and make sure your hands are all over her body. Squeeze her ass, caress her breast and then begin with the tongue action. Suck on her breast, nipples (a soft bite never hurt) and work your way down her body.
Here is a KEY: Always watch a woman’s breathing and nipples. If she is breathing hard and her nipples are hard she is enjoying herself.
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