Saturday, October 30, 2010

Basic at eating a girl out

The Basic way to eating a girl out
Now some you guys know absolutely what you are doing but for the guys who viewed one too many porno flicks this one is for you. The basic way to eating a girl out entails that you take your time and be gentle; we know you’re a guy and you want to gulp down everything but it doesn’t work that way. Taking your time and doing things the right way is how you get the task done and have us thinking about you at work and coming back for more day in and day out. And the greater bonus is if you do your job good you can have us obsessed for a very long time.
Now each woman is distinctive so this is not a one skill fits for all women thing. You have to change your actions dependent on who you are with but I will tell you this, if you roll your tongue side to side on our C button and then suck it in slow and deep….Wellllll.WHEW! That’s a good thing all day everyday and I don’t think there is a woman on the planet who can withstand that.
Ok, now look you want to start working your way up the inner thighs with nice kisses and licks and try not to be too amateurish with it, we don’t like that, I shouldn’t have saliva running down my knee cap before you even get to the gushy middle. Working your way up the thighs nice and slow, finally when you reach the gushy just take it all in with one gulp, nice and warm while you go from the bottom to the top while taking your time and enabling me to sense every movement.
Now that you are at the top stay there a while! Locate the C button with your mouth and get to work, I would suggest switching your motion from time to time unless we tell you otherwise because if you are hitting the right spot then we want you right there so you can make Niagara Falls happen. While you doing your thing down below make sure you pay attention to our breathing and what we are saying. If you listen we will let you know if you are doing good job or not. Trust me if I am snoring while you are down below then you suck at your job and need extensive improvements.
So, now you are working the top of the mountain(C button) and your listening for the indication that you are doing a great job and everything is going just the way you designed it. Now it’s time to bring it home daddy! The breathing is getting heavier and now the legs are starting to shake and explosion is imminent, follow the guidelines she is giving you, stay in the position that is getting the most response and work it until an flooding of passion takes over and she can’t control herself any longer. For this action you will be greatly repaid for your initiative. Trust me.
Of course you can vary a few things depending you her taste but these are the basic, do this and you will always have great seks,LOL.

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