Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 ways to ruin your sex life

There is not a dude on this planet who requires to make a bad sex life, but let’s consider for a sec. What if you have a women that you truly want to get rid of but she is simply not getting the news. Probably you put it on her too proper one to many times and she familiar what you are effective of in the relationship, so she is merely not eager to let go right now.
We all recognize that once a lady finds a guy that does his stuff properly in the bedroom and can make a divine steak and eggs for breakfast, she isn’t going anywhere. Hence, those panties that are left at your place, marking her territory while she is not around.
For all those women I create to you these 5 quick solutions in the bedroom
1.    SPORTS---Go serious with this and turn on the MMA when she wants to get romantic. Now if she wishes to let you get one off, feel free next pass the Doritos! Back to the fight! It drives them crazy.
2.    Play Station---Now I am not a big supporter of these things but they perform, the critical point is you have a big tournament about to go down and you have to Make sure to practice. Let her know if you win then you’re going to buy her some shoes or something, then gently guide to your door and send her on her way.
3.    Rush it---This is a sure prescription for sexual disaster, guaranteed bad seks here folks and you will shake off no sleep over this. Take it to the next height asking her to fix you some Capt’n Crunch after you just gave her 30 seconds of your best. 
4.    Mexican Jumpin Bean---Ok, if you know she wants to come over and get all hugged up and talk about her day and you’re not in the mood to listen to all that crap. Go Mexi on her ass, find your pick of beans to eat them about an hour or two earlier before she gets there, when gets over let loose, not the big ones, the silent, squeeze your cheeks tight, deadly ones are the ones you want to hit her in the nose with. She is definitely not sticking around for that, once she’s out, open a window and drink a beer while watching old episodes of Vic Mackie on The Shield.
5.    Finally, EXTREME DRESSUP!---If she wants to get it on the next time she sees you let her know you want to roll play. When the time finally arrives and she is all dressed up like a nurse, you come out in a executioners mask with big heavy chains and a wooden stake from a broken table or chair, don’t forget to have some rope too. After seeing all of that, she should be scared out of her mind but if she says let’s get it on then you have a keeper, be careful.
Remember to only use these on the girls that you want to get rid of and you can care less what she thinks about you. They are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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