Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bringing her to Climax

Skills to bring a woman to her highest moment in the bedroom
However, many women can go years without having an orgasim from their partner , and we all know how challenging it is to fulfill a lady.

Here are some ideas to improve the odds she'll reach climax, including the trick to multiple orgasms:

1. Don't start off in the bedroom - Want to boost the probability she'll orgasm? When was the last time you shocked her with flowers and sent them to her at work?  Do this and you can bet-your life you'll be doing more than just eating dinner once she walks in the door! :)

2. rest her - It's hard for women to orgasm if they are strained. Give her a quick back massage.
Rub her shoulders, upper back and neck to melt away the tension.

3. Ignore the vagina - Do you know that extended foreplay actually increases the options of her coming? That's right. By kissing, caressing and touching her LONGER, you'll build the seks strain and often the anticipation will be very powerful.

4. Change your plan - If you target all your thoughts on the woman first, you'll be intimate to her much more impressively. Think about it! If you've finished first and decide to help her come, you won't have the enthusiasm and passion that's needed to keep her hot and turned on.

5. Tips to last for an extended time - naturally the first step to help her reach orgasm is by not coming. The best way I've found to not come is: Penetrate as common and when you think like you're about to come, simply move your hips in a round motion (like swaying a hula hoop) and wait until the "little guys" subside again. Now go on pleasuring. :D

On the other hand be VERY careful! With over 6,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, make certain you know every thing there is to know before poking your tongue around there, otherwise it could be really painful and, even worse, spoil the mood.

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