Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seks and Love part 1

5 sex secrets

One of the most foolproof ways to satisfying a woman in the bedroom is to make her deepest fantasy come true. This may seem difficult, but it isn't because almost every woman in the world has the same fantasy and this is to be ravaged in the bedroom. Women want to feel so sexy and so desirable, that a man can barely keep his hands off of her for even a second. Your woman wants you to tear her clothes off of her body and to take her up against the wall. She wants to feel that passion that she only sees in the movies and reads about in her novels. If you can give your woman this kind of pleasure, she will be putty in your hands.

Effective seks secrets and techniques can help you to provide your girlfriend or wife that over-the-top orgasm every time you deal in love and sex relations with her. Just hold on and get the knowledge of these in deep. You will surely have pleasure by going deep inside the oceans you want. Let the rivers flow and you flow in this river of sex and pleasure. Here are some of the sex secrets that can help you to improve your love and sex relationships.

1. Know the art and master the techniques of most effective and pleasurable sex talks when you feel.

2. Make your married life happier by having the more friendly relationships with your partner.

3. Sex cause pain and need to have some care and control. Be decent and polite and enjoy each and every part of your partner's body. Don't be in hurry and lose the fun part.

4. Use some sex toys and enhance the pleasure of having the sex. The intercourse toys are perfect to enhance the husband wife love.

5. Know the art of turning them on. Be it man or woman, all needs some time and feel to go on. Take your time and let the pleasure begin slowly. But take care that it should not end up fast.

You can be a better lover for your woman and you can make that a reality tonight. You can make her orgasim and you can do it faster than you ever thought possible. You can make her scream your name and you can be the best she's ever had.

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