Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seks and Love Part 4

When it comes to male stamina in seks, the unfortunate truth is that nearly every man has had at least one incidence where he did not last long enough in bed. There is a strong chance that almost every man has even had an occasion where they only lasted a minute or two.

When it comes to improving your male stamina, there are several things you can do to increase your stamina as soon as tonight. The question is, are these quick fixes the CORRECT WAY to go about improving your sexual performance and lasting longer while doing the "horizontal side-step"?

Not really! That being the case, I will go over some things that I have tried that helped me both immediately AND more importantly what helped cure my lack of sexual stamina so that I can last long enough to bring my partner to orgasm during intercourse.

Here are 3 tips to make a woman love you:

1. You need to be able to sweeten her up with a little bit of charm.

You don't even have to overdo this, because just a little bit of charm can go a long way to making a woman feel as though she is falling in love with you. What you need to be careful of though, is the fine line between charming a woman, and sucking up to her with the hopes that she feels attracted to you. When a guy does this, he is setting himself up for failure, because you really cannot make a woman feel that way just by kissing up to her.

2. You must be able to talk to a woman without any of those awkward moments.

One thing that you can be sure of, is that if you are feeling uncomfortable when talking to a woman, chances are she is feeling a little uncomfortable listening to you. You do not have to be a silver tongued kind of guy, but you do have to get the conversation moving along without there being many awkward moments.

3. To really make a woman love you, she has to look forward to when she will see you.

Well, how do you do this, you might be asking yourself? By being scarce from her life once in a while. You really do need to give a woman the luxury of missing you and feeling as though she is longing for you. The more that you are around her, the less likely it is that she will end up feeling that way. There is a thin line between being there just enough and being there too much.

These are all things that ANY man can do, but it is not easy UNLESS you can follow a simple step by step guide. If you can do that, you should never have to worry again about being embarrassed for crossing the finish line too quickly.

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