Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 Things a guy should use in the bedroom

Ok just a little of what I do. I have laid out 5 things guys should have in order to be awesome in the bedroom. Now I am sure some of you reading this may say that you already know this information but the world is a big place and there are guys out there who don't have a clue. Trust me on this one. Here are the 5 things:
1. Confidence-Men in the bedroom you should have the utmost confidence in your skills. Even if you know nothing and have been laid in 7 years, you need to come in the room with it hard as rock in your hand and the confidence of a champion. Now, you may not left from right but I can guarantee you this that if you do just what I said we will jump to attention quick and do exactly what you tell us to do. Which leads me to the next thing……
2. The Eyes have it-Use your eyes in the bedroom guys. It works on us whether you know it or not. We love to feel like the sexiest woman on the planet and a good look in the eyes lets us know that right here, right now we are. So use your eyes to turn us on and make us feel sexy.
3. Attention-Pay very close attention to everything on our bodies and listen also. Watch our breast they tell you how hot we are, when you are licking that part of our body slow feel how hard it is, it’s telling you we are almost there ready to blow. Feel that warm wetness when you slide in and out of a woman, she is letting you know how bad she wants you and how you turn her on. Pay attention to her breathing and her eyes. When those eyes start closing she is ready to explode. That means GO HARDER! So make sure you pay close attention to us ladies.
4. Be spontaneous-Don’t be afraid to just take it sometimes. It makes things a little bit more exciting and keeps the sex lively. No woman wants to have sex in the same place, the same way and the same time. Routine sex sucks!!! So do something different.
5. It all starts upstairs-You must know how to talk to a woman to get the best out of her. This is really important because we process everything so make sure you know how to talk our panties off.
These are just a few things that you can add to your bag of tricks to make the ladies go crazy for you. Have fun and use them wisely. Make sure you check out my website!

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