Monday, June 14, 2010

1 week, 1 thousand in 5 steps

There is a lot of competition out there today in music. Everyone want to be seen and heard and eventually sell as much product as they can. Well my friend today is your lucky day. We are going to show you how to exploit that market and make a thousand dollars in one week in 5 steps.
Ok here it is.

1. Find as many artist online as you can that look in need of some promotion for their mixtape or new cd they may have coming out. The key is to find the new artist that has something dropping real soon on the market and is in need of quick attention. They are your best customers.

2. Contact them with a proposal to promote their new CD over your social network in Facebook, Myspace and all the other social networks you are a part of. Let them know that all of your friends are into the kind of music they make (hip hop/rock/whatever) and give them the fee.

3. Make sure you have over 500 to 1,000 friends spread over the social networks. You can use the 10% rule for sales. Promote to 100 people for free so the artist can see that you are telling the truth.

4. Right before you move forward with the rest of the promotion make them pay you half upfront via and half when your work is done.

5. Do this with 5 clients at $200.00 a piece in 7 days and you have made $1000.00 promoting music to people you would have been chatting with online anyway. Easy money!

These are just a fewtechniques and suggestions on how to get money online. For the serious tips and techniques check and get startedmaking as much as you can on the internet with your music.

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