Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The guy with the big one

Now there is a myth out there that the guy with the big is always great in the sack. Well I am here to tell ya! That is or may be the craziest myth on the earth if not in the known universe. Hahahaha. In the little time I have been alive on this planet I have had an experience or two with a guy that has had the big one. So let me you tell you how this went do:
This guy had no idea what he was doing. I love a good kiss here and there on my body but I had to let him know try not to be so sloppy. Damn! Did anyone write the rules on tongue etiquette yet? So that was mistake one.
Ok so as I guide him down the road to heaven, this guy is still acting nervous. No problem I give him a little head to calm him down and help him relax. Now, I must say, when the great man above was placing parts of the human body he must have been really happy that day because this guy was really packing. It had to be a good 10inches, real porno size.
Now, I have the guy relaxed and I am very hot and ready to go at it. I can feel my heart racing with anticipation of the guy really knocking this one out the park. I mean hit a Albert Pulous home for me baby, that’s what I’m thinking.
I lay down and get ready for the BIG ONE, I’m waiting and waiting and waiting, now these minutes seem like hours when you are ready to make something happen. I look at this guy and he’s about as hard a down comforter. He has no idea what to do, he standing there all embarrassed with this long pole and fumbling around trying to get it in.
Back to work again for this guy because now I am feeling some kind of way and need a true release. So the hands go to work making this guy stiff again. Now I am excited and ready, yeah, yeah, yeah let’s go! Get in there baby, my brain is racing. And just like those old Tootsie roll pop commercials on how to get to the center of a tootsie pop it went like this ”ah one stroke he moaned, ah two stroke he moaned louder and ah three he OH GOD!” Me and it was over just like that, needless to say I had a trusting friend that never stops unless the batteries go dead so he scratched my itch that night.
So to all the fellas out I wrote a book for you to get your skills right. You can find it at my site Http:// so this will never happen to you. If you are big or small.

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