Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great Oral Technique!

Tongue and Cheek
Now that you find yourself with head between her legs my suggestion would be to start slow. Take a nice long slow lick from the bottom to the top and stop there. By now she should be soaking wet and with each move you should hear a loud moan. Stop at the top and suck her clit into your mouth. Not too hard and not soft it should be just right. Feel free to make some noise with it we like that too. Now that you are sucking on the clit start rolling it against your tongue, some women like side to side while others prefer up and down you have to know you lady and what works for her. Start working that clit with your tongue then let it go. Take two fingers and spread her pussy lips open and kiss that clit again start stroking it again with that tongue and working your magic mouth all over and around that pussy which should drive her crazy if you are doing things correctly.
Now while she is enjoying herself take her over the top. Allow her to hold her legs while you ever so gently suck, lick and dine on all that wet pussy. Take one finger and slide it in her slowly. BE GENTLE!
This is the move that she will love. While you are sucking and licking on her keep working that magic finger in and out. Don’t rush; let her do all the work. Her body will tell you when she is ready to have an orgasm because she will start moving her hips and the moaning will get louder. Just be consistent and keep working that clit with your tongue over and over and over again! Until OOOOOhhhhhhh! Then you know you got her. She will be very pleased. Trust me.

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