Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seks, money and sperma

Now, I am completely about an journey but what I am just about to share with you is in all probability, no, it is the wildest thing I have ever experienced online.
Just a little intro, I am Kim and I have a number of websites out there and a large number of what I do centers in and around sex or in the case of this article seks(you’ll understand later in the story). I am a very interesting or so I have been declared on many occasions. I have no downside with men at all and have an incredible sex(seks) life.
So, one day I accept a email from my Blog Page54.net, this guy from out of the country would like to spend the night with me and is willing to pay. This not the first time I have been proposed money for sex and while I think it’s a bit ungracious I understand why guys do what they do.
Now just for kicks I played along to see what the offer was, well this guy offers me in the five figures but with one specification that I make sure that I (in his words) “sux the sperma out his dix”. LOL and I mean a huge one LOL.
I haven’t laughed that hard since my sister fell down the step while she was impersonating Beyonce(I wish I had the video). Anyway, so I ask the guy “how will I get paid and what country is he from?” The guy is from Russia and is in Texas on business, oil business to be exact. Well now I want a little proof, he gives me a name and of course I Google it and boom there he is.
Of course I still don’t believe it so I accumulate what info I can and begin to question him and he supplies all the right answers, it’s really the guy.
Russian oil guy in town for 2 nights in Texas and he wants to give me 5 figures to sleep with him and sux the sperma. Hmmm, I could absolutely use the 5 figures he’s offering so I advise a negotiation if he can pay me 2,500 up front brought in cash then we have a deal. I sent out the email to him and got a reply in less than 3 minutes asking for an address. HOLY S*#T! This guy is serious serious, the money and flowers showed at a 7 Eleven(of course I didn’t give my address) in 30 minutes.
Ok I am obligated to go through with it now, right? Well, I have to tell you the truth, for the rest of that money, I DID IT!!! To top it off I did so good he threw a few things extra, I had legs twittery and him all balled up in the fetal position when it was all over. I see it this way, for 5 figures, no questions asked and I get to get myself off in the process why not?! I have sex for free most of the time anyway so why not get what I want out of it.
He got the sprema cure he wanted and the chocolate balls therapy and a few other treatments he didn’t see coming. Now, this was surely a onetime thing but if someone makes you the offer of 5 five figures for seks(sex) don’t rule it out.

Ok I was just playing. LOL

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