Friday, October 29, 2010

Just ranting

Ok with the holidays fast approaching how many new fake terror plots are we going to have. I am sure getting tired of them now. Hey is it me or does Hallie looked like a whipped women, have you seen her with another guy? I think my girl is either a hoe or has whorrish tendencies and don’t gimme that crap about she can see who she wants. She has a child now and jumping from guy to guy doesn’t cut it any longer.
Hey fellas this rant is for you, I have been watching my fair share of porn lately for some reason or the other and I am having trouble understand why some of the guys are having trouble with eating a girl out. WHAT’S THE DEAL! These ladies are giving these guys all this great oral sex and the guys are not returning the favor like they should. I wonder what’s going on there?
Finally my Halloween costume is HOT HOT HOT! I am going as a sexy lady cop this year so if there are any bad boy who need to be interviewed I’m ya girl!

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